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Project 2019_A - design, preparation and print

Let's start with a solid ring creation and let's call it part X. The ring is surrounded by 66 holes . The holes are in the same distance to each other. So it is even better to include the holes in the print job as drilling them manually afterwards. The ring is designed using BLENDER and  its inner diameter is 251 mm and the outer 266 mm. This dimension plus a buffer for the - so called - "brim" around the circle will nearly fill out the maximum print capabilites of the 3D print bed. The print bed - the plateau to print on - has a dimension of 300 mm x 300 mm. Steps to perform - written down one time in detail 1a) the solid ring open blender, remove default circle by pressing x press shift+c and center the cursor to 0,0,0 by selecting 'cursor to center' press num block 7 to view from top on the surface click add -> mesh -> circle add a ring - on the left panel choose 96 vertices, radius 133 (mm) press num block comma to center the current obje

The Tools

The toolset used for this project is BLENDER ( ) and CURA ( ). BLENDER (God bless Ton Roosendaal) is used to design the 3d models and CURA to prepare the models for 3d printing. Related to BLENDER I found a very helpful articel about preparing blender files for 3d printing. Reading it is a must have Here comes a list of collected and helpful keyboard shortcuts of blender. in edit mode: ALT+CRTL+SHIFT+m  :  is each mesh manifold (water tight) check f  :  fill / face creation an edge or face / combine two vertices / makes a line between 2 vertices CTRL+f  :