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Project 2019 B

Another designing and printing experience of VANDEN. Used design software is BLENDER again. The exported *.stl files were prepared for printing using CURA. The physical printing has been performed using a cheap ANET E12 3d printer. This project has been done in the mid till the end of the third quarter in 2019. A puzzle for you: The rotor rotates around an embedded ball bearing in the middle onto a 8mm axle. The outer ring is a separated part and could be removed from the inner star like tracks. The ring includes 6x holes to connect the outer ring with the inner rotator. This needs to be done after putting the sliders into the tracks. A conus, to be maintained on a surface, holds the inner main axle where the ball bearing of the rotator lays on the small top. Some con-rods are required to combine the crank with the sliders: The crank has to be put on top of the inner axle to dis-center the con-rods. The con-rods rotating arond the small borehole whereas the bigge